Stacked Birch-Bark Sloyd Knife + Leather Sheath with Dangler

Stacked Birch-Bark Sloyd Knife + Leather Sheath with Dangler


A robust knife for carving and craft work built with a stacked Birch-Bark handle peened between bronze Bolsters. The knife is complete with a heavy leather sheath and belt dangler - The classic design holds the handle securely in place and includes a wooden insert to keep both the blade and wearer protected while the knife is sheathed. The curved exterior shape is inspired by Northern European and Siberian scabbards that are intended to be hung loosely from a belt. It avoids snagging and ensures the knife is always safely returned to its sheath in the correct orientation: With the sharp edge of the blade ALWAYS facing the outside curve of the sheath.

This knife is assembled without glue - The birch bark handle is stacked on the through-tang and is peened under tremendous pressure between bronze bolsters. The hand-forged blade tapers in thickness, has a very fine tip, and bevels hollow-ground at a combined 27 degree angle. The hand stitched sheath is molded from 5.5-6oz vegetable tanned leather, edge sealed with beeswax and treated with Plantain and Chickweed magic-salve.

The bark for these handles is harvested by Reid on family land following safe techniques that do not damage the trees. The outer bark re-grows and will continue to be harvested later on. As a handle it is a soft and warm material to the hand in cold weather and has an amazing tack and grip even wet.

Blade in Carbon steel with Birch Bark and Bronze handle - Blade length approximately 85mm - handle length approximately 105mm - approximately 230mm overall.

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