Sloyd Knife + Scabbard with dangler

Sloyd Knife + Scabbard with dangler


A robust knife for carving and craft work featuring Reid's own design all wood scabbard. The flex and lock design holds the handle securely in place and provides a satisfying "click" when the knife is sheathed. The curved and wasted exterior shape is inspired by Northern European and Siberian scabbards that are intended to be hung loosely from a belt. The curved butt avoids snagging and ensures the knife is always returned to its sheath in the correct orientation: The sharp edge of the blade ALWAYS faces the outside curve when entering the scabbard.

the hand-forged blade tapers in thickness and has a very fine tip. Bevels are hollow ground to a combined 27 degree angle. This knife and scabbard set includes a stiched leather hanger with a roped leather belt dangler.

Blade in Carbon steel with Black Locust handle. Scabbard carved from Aspen with veg-tanned leather dangler. blade length approximately 2 5/8"

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